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Alfresco areas are a great way of adding versatility and space to the footprint of your home.  The outdoor area can flow seamlessly from the inside of your house with the clever use of bi-fold or sliding doors.  With the increasing popularity of natural stone the same tile can be used inside and outside so there is no delineation between the areas.

From a tiling perspective, there is often a balance between functionality and aesthetics that is needed.  What looks great may not always be practical.  For example, polished bluestone may look great inside but is not a practical solution poolside.  Under these circumstances, different textures can be applied to the same stone to create an integrated indoor/outdoor feel.  In this example, a sawn bluestone can be used in the pool area and a honed or polished bluestone can be used inside.

Alfresco areas can be as simple or as luxurious as you want.  If you are adding all the ‘mod-cons’ like heaters, outdoor kitchens  and bars keep in mind the finishing touches can be added by using a stone bench top or cladding a wall with a veneer that adds colour and textures.  Komplete Bricks & Pavers has a range of products suitable in the creation of any alfresco area.