Swimming Pools – Pool Edges

Installing natural stone products around swimming pools enhances the overall look of the area. Natural stone can be shaped to create radial pieces and grout free corners. There are some important construction considerations when installing natural stone around a pool including:  Type of pool – fibreglass or concrete  Width of the pool beam  Overhang of […]

Roof Top Garden

[imagebrowser id=23] When trying to create an outdoor area, most people think of a front or back yard. However, there is a growing trend towards roof top terraces. There are many benefits of a roof top terrace including space saving and also being considered eco-friendly. Residentially, a large number of renovations are incorporating roof top […]

Retaining Walls

[imagebrowser id=22] Retaining Walls          Komplete Bricks and Pavers have a wide range of segmental retaining wall products that can be used to add value to your outdoor area by creating dynamic spaces such as terraces, garden edges, ponds or garden beds.  Retaining wall systems are also available for major structural erosion control in residential and […]


[imagebrowser id=20] Pathways form a critical part of our outdoor space. They can seamlessly link different parts of the house e.g. driveway to backyard or can be used to add a different design element e.g. stepping stones with native grasses in between. Pathways can also be a great DIY project where you can design your […]

Landscape Solution

[imagebrowser id=19] Each and every area in your home can now be the expression of you and your family.  Australians love the outdoors and now spend a lot of time considering how to transform their outdoor areas into their dream oasis.  Komplete Bricks & Pavers has the range of products to make these dreams a […]

Alfresco Areas

[imagebrowser id=26] Alfresco areas are a great way of adding versatility and space to the footprint of your home.  The outdoor area can flow seamlessly from the inside of your house with the clever use of bi-fold or sliding doors.  With the increasing popularity of natural stone the same tile can be used inside and […]