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Swimming Pools can create an oasis at home, your own resort where you can escape from the pressures of work, relax and unwind. A swimming pool can also act as a great social conduit – who needs Facebook and Twitter when you have a pool to keep in touch with your friends! A swimming pool also differentiates your house and can add considerable value to your house and your lifestyle.Whether you are building a new pool or renovating and existing pool, natural stone, clay pavers, concrete pavers can add a new dimension to the area. With more and more natural stone and concrete products offering tailored solutions for pool copers it is important you visit Komplete Bricks and Pavers in the planning stage of your pool to select the copers you want.

We have a personalised mobile service that can visit your house to measure the pool beam and create customised templates e.g curved shapes, doubled sided copers and end pieces.